Private Russian-English Interpreter


If you need help in communication with Russian speaking people who do not have a good command of English, then I would like to suggest you my assistance. I offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation (from Russian to English and vice versa) for conferences, negotiations, lectures, seminars, presentations, personal meetings, doctors’ appointments etc.

  • Consecutive

    400 UAH*

  • Simultaneous

    600 UAH

* - The prices are stated in UAH for interpreting of general subject area. The minimal order is 3 hours.

Private Russian-English Interpreter

About me

Private Russian-English Interpreter, Maxim AchkasovMy name is Maxim Achkasov. I am a freelance interpreter. I also teach English and Russian as foreign languages. I obtained two degrees (B.A., M.A.) from the University of Manchester and earned numerous certificates and diplomas in the spheres of linguistics, education and business. For many years I have been working closely with English and Russian languages as an educator, thus, have accumulated knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication. I believe my linguistic expertise, integrity and awareness of cultural differences help me provide the clients with an efficient and quality service.

While interpreting the most important thing for me is to make sure that the main idea and the key intention of the speaker are conveyed accurately into another language. This is why every time I interpret I give my full attention to the speech and the language the speaker chooses to use. In my spare time I often work on expanding my personal knowledge and skills in areas of linguistics and communication. So, I hope to become a valuable asset to the ones I am privileged to work with.